French Country Bathroom Ideas and Provence Style

French Country Bathroom Ideas and Provence Style

Let’s talk about romantic and feminine Provence style. Here you can find some French country bathroom ideas. Provence is a magical southern region of France, where life seems to stop and cheerful and peaceful atmosphere reigns everywhere. Lavender fields, olive groves, blue sky and bright sun –the nature of Provence is reflected in the atmosphere of French country houses and cottages. This interior style gained popularity around the world and is successfully used in design of spacious villas and small urban apartments. It has also become a rich inspiration source of French bathroom ideas.

“Provence” in French means a province, so this style is often called the French country. Country chic perfectly fits in a small city apartment, creating a cozy romantic interior. The same we can tell about the French style bathroom decor. The key elements of Provence bathroom design are:

  • Natural materials: raw or aged wood, stone, natural fabrics, ceramics;
  • Bright pastel colors;
  • Flower patterns and prints;
  • Plants and bouquets of flowers;
  • Various textiles: cotton, ruffles, lace;
  • Natural light and thin transparent curtains;
  • Abundance of decor.

Walls in the style of Provence

Plaster is typically used for decorating of the walls in the Provencal style. Walls finishing is deliberately sloppy. The walls are always painted in light pastel colors – warm yellow, blue, pink shades.

Since the houses in Provence are made of stone, this material is often used for walls. Rough stone or raw bricks in French bathroom decor perfectly match with pastel colors and floral prints. If the walls are covered with wallpapers, give your preference to floral patterns, vertical strips or checks in pastel colors.

Floor in Provence style

For the floor in a Provence bathroom texture wood is mainly used. In addition, you can use tiles imitating wood and stone in natural colors: brown, terracotta.

Furniture in the style of Provence

The furniture in a Provence style bathroom is mainly made of wood with preserved natural texture and color. It also may be painted, and the most popular colors for painting are white, milky and pastel shades of blue, pink, green.

The most prized part of French style bathroom accessories is vintage furniture with history. Grandmother’s cabinets and rocking chairs perfectly fit into the interior, creating the right mood. Scrapes, chips, cracks – all traces of antiquity are not been hidden or painted over, but deliberately emphasized.

However, if you do not have such heirlooms, it does not matter – now many brands produce such aged furniture. For example, a wonderful French style bathroom vanity, cabinet or furniture upholstered in a floral Provence style can be found in modern stores. You can even give your wooden furniture typical aged look yourself. Fortunately, in the Internet you can find a lot of instructions on how to paint or age your furniture with your own hands.


Textiles are a very important part of the interior in the Provence style. A particularly harmonious look is created with natural fabrics: linen, cotton, chintz.

Curtains in the style of French countryside must be bright and airy. Natural light is essential to create a sunny mood.


Floral motifs predominate in the style of Provence: roses, small wildflowers, poppies, lavender – flowers on towels and rugs, flowers on furniture, textiles, ceramics, tiles… And of course a lot of potted plants and bouquets of cut or dried flowers and herbs.

Provence style decor

Provence style involves an abundance of decoration: in the interior, in addition to textiles, there are many ceramic vases and statuettes, wicker baskets and colorful boxes, sets of jars with spices and herbs for aromatherapy. Heart pleasing stuff, brought from travels or chosen with great love, cozies up the interior and fills it with your personal history and positive energy.

Forged elements: lamps, shelves, and stands give special charm to the interior in the style of Provence. Chandeliers play a very important role in Provencal interiors. Luxury crystal lamp combined with vintage wooden furniture and rough walls and floor transform the country style into a rustic French chic.