3 Most Popular Choices for Epoxy Floor Designs

3 Most Popular Choices for Epoxy Floor Designs

Nowadays, you can find plenty of flooring options that work best for both residential and commercial spaces. Among the common choices are granite, marble, tile, or hardwood. While these options offer their own set of functional and aesthetic features, they couldn’t match what an epoxy flooring solution has to offer. Aside from the fact that epoxy floors are not a pain to install, their elegant high-gloss, hard-wearing surface is able to withstand continuous traffic and other harmful elements for decades. What’s more, they’re very easy to clean and maintain. These qualities make epoxy flooring the ideal choice for your garage, office, restaurant, warehouse, manufacturing plant, industrial plant, and other spaces.

Moreover, unlike stones and tiles that have limited patterns and colors or hardwood floors that can only achieve a limited number of hues, an epoxy floor offers limitless options in terms of designs. This medium allows you to let your imagination run wild and your creative juices flow as you transform dull and boring concrete surfaces into a unique expression of your art. This is precisely the reason why epoxy floors are being widely used by architects and designers all over the world. To give you an idea, take a look at these 3 most popular choices for epoxy floor designs:

Epoxy Flooring with Glitter

Did you know that you can create a shimmering glitter effect by adding metallic flakes into your epoxy coating? It’s important to note that the size of the flakes can have a massive impact on your flooring design. In case you’re not aware, flakes that are smaller and more refined tend to reflect light differently than those that are larger. With the right amount of strategic lighting, the glitter on your floor will brighten up any dark room.

3 Most Popular Choices for Epoxy Floor Designs

Epoxy Flooring with 3D Illusions

You can take your floor design to the next level with 3D epoxy floors. Whether you’re planning to have underwater scenes that feature various kinds of marine life other fascinating 3-dimensional images that tickle your fancy, choosing 3D epoxy floors is an awesome way for you to express yourself while you turn any type of room into a place that showcases your personality and particular interests.

Epoxy Flooring Patterns

If you’re not into glitter or 3D illusions, you can choose to use any number of color combinations as well as patterns. The good news is, you don’t have to limit yourself to the usual swirl patterns that are hugely popular nowadays. For instance, you can dress up your garage by choosing a classic checkerboard pattern with red highlights that convey sophistication without requiring too much decorative attention. You’ll be amazed at how this epoxy floors can add warmth as well as dimensions into a room as you create modern geometric designs with color blocking and lines that are extremely precise.

Create Stunning Designs with Epoxy Floors Today!

If you want to make an abstract pattern or image come to life, you won’t have any issues with epoxy flooring solutions. What are you waiting for? Jazz up your residential or commercial floors by showcasing your own unique epoxy floor designs today!